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Publishing Careers 3As long as people continue to read, there will be a future in book publishing. Employment in book publishing is expected to grow at a slower rate than the average career field through 2014. Future opportunities for writers and editors are expected to be greatest in textbook and technical publications.

Technological improvements have had a large impact on the publishing industry. Desktop publishing has made editing and page makeup simpler and more efficient, allowing for a greater output of titles. CD-ROM publications continue to be a growing new book format as consumers purchase computers and computer accessories. Digital printing has the potential to revolutionize the industry by making printing faster and more economical.

Computerized ordering systems are making the publishing business much more cost effective. These systems allow for more accurate inventory maintenance and more efficient distribution networks.

Sales of books have increased in the past few years and continue to do so. U.S. book sales totaled more than $23.7 billion in 2004, a 1.3 percent increase from 2003, according to the Association of American Publishers. Sales of adult hardbound and paperbound books and mass market paperbacks rose, while juvenile hardbound book sales decreased. Education and professional and scholarly sales all remained solid. A continued rise in sales is expected to last through the end of the decade due to the growing population, availability of disposable income, and the introduction of books in a variety of formats that appeal to both the traditional and the nontraditional reader.

Careers in Book Publishing:

  • Art Directors
  • Book Editors
  • Cartographers
  • Cartoonists and Animators
  • Editors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Indexers
  • Lexicographers
  • Literary Agents
  • Magazine Editors
  • Newspaper Editors
  • Online Journalists
  • Photographers
  • Printing Press Operators and Assistants
  • Science and Medical Writers
  • Writer Careers

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