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Government CareersAlthough there is always the possibility of staff cutbacks on local, regional, and federal levels, opportunities in politics will remain strong. The government will always require fairly extensive staffing to accomplish its work. But budget concerns will determine how many aides are hired for congressional staff work. In coming years, more of the congressional aide positions will be consolidated, and aides will be performing a number of different duties, from press relations to legislative research.

Careers in politics are affected by the issues of the day. Current needs, such as public safety, aggression against terrorism, protection of the environment, providing for increased populations, and cultural diversity, will likely become more urgent. The Internet and other communication technologies will continue to require special attention as the government attempts to pass laws concerning privacy issues, copyright protection, and federal involvement in TV and radio broadcasting. Health care, taxation, education, and human rights will always be near the top of political agendas.

The agencies of the Foreign Service and the number of Foreign Service officers hired will be affected by the closing of embassies and consulates around the world. The relations between the United States and other countries will determine funding for international affairs.

Campaign reform (restrictions on the way candidates can raise money) will change the face of future elections. Free broadcast time for politicians may improve the way candidates reach voters. But campaign reform is unlikely to change the way candidates use the media; negative campaigning is losing its stigma among political consultants and campaign managers because of its great effectiveness.

The Internet has already become a new source and resource for political research, public opinion polling, campaigning, and rumors. Candidates, consultants, and campaign workers will continue to use the Internet as carefully as they have the broadcast media. And voters will be better informed about issues at hand and bills up for consideration by their state and federal lawmakers.

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