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Grocery CareersEmployment in the grocery industry is expected to grow by 7 percent through 2014, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The industry provides approximately 3.4 million wage and salary jobs. In 2004, approximately 30 percent of all grocery store employees worked part-time and the average workweek was 30 hours. About 74 percent of workers were employed in grocery stores with more than 50 workers.

Some workers will be needed to replace those who move up the corporate ladder or leave the industry. There is a high turnover rate for positions such as cashiers and stock clerks; many of these workers do not choose to pursue careers within the industry.

The trend in supermarkets is toward expansion to include goods such as prescription drugs, flowers, liquor, carryout food, and services such as banking, post office, catering, and photo developing. In addition, grocery stores are adding specialty departments like delicatessens, bakeries, wine and cheese centers, and salad bars to counter the trend toward eating away from home. This expansion is expected to create many new jobs.

While technological advances have often decreased employment in other industries, the technological improvements in the grocery industry still require real people to be present. Scanners and cash registers have changed the industry but have not changed the need for quality employees.

Online grocery stores are new and, at present, account for only a small percentage of sales in the grocery industry. However, sales are expected to continue to grow, which could create a need for more delivery and technical personnel in those companies.

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