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Career FieldsThe “Career Fields” section provides overviews of 93 career fields. The first section of each article, “Background,” covers general information and historical background. The historical information enables the reader to understand how that industry or field has developed over time. Although historical notes on each job are included in the career information articles, the career field histories paint a broader picture of development. Also included in the “Background” section are statistics on current employment, production, and a brief discussion on the current status of the industry or field.

In order for readers to understand how a particular job or career fits into a field or industry, they should have some understanding of that industry or field. The next section, “Structure,” provides an overview of how that industry or field works. The section describes the industry or field from the beginning of the process through the completion of the end product—be it an actual product or a service. As it describes the process, this section discusses specific careers and their role in the process.

The next section, “Outlook,” assembles information from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the Career Guide to Industries, statistics from various associations and agencies, and other evaluative data to provide the best estimate of future performance and success of the industry or field.

Following the “Outlook” section is “For More Information,” a listing of organizations that can provide career information on training, education, internships, scholarships, and job placement.

Book Publishing Career Field

Publishing Careers 2

Book Publishing Careers Background The earliest known books were the clay tablets of Mesopotamia and the papyrus rolls of Egypt. Examples of both date from about 3000 BC. According to archeological findings, the Chinese developed books about 1300 BC. Early Chinese books were made of wood or bamboo strips and bound together with cords. With […]

Broadcasting Career Field

Broadcasting Careers

Broadcasting Careers Background For centuries people have sought to improve methods of communicating over long distances. In 1895 an Italian engineer, Guglieimo Marconi, demonstrated how to send communication signals without the use of wires; instantaneous worldwide communication soon became a reality. In the early 1900s, transmitting and receiving devices were relatively simple, and hundreds of […]

Business Career Field

Business Careers

Business Careers Background The practice of conducting business is as old as civilization itself. As long as people have been exchanging goods and services for payment of some sort, business transactions have been a part of life. Business was, in fact, one of the factors that led to America’s independence, when the early settlers, who […]

Chemistry Career Field

Chemistry Careers

Chemistry Careers Background Modern chemistry can trace its birth to the large-scale production of alkalis and alkaline salts of potassium and sodium in the late 1700s. These compounds were used to make soap, glass, and textile bleaches, and they were therefore in tremendous demand. The crude, inefficient procedures by which they were made could not […]

Computer Hardware Career Field

Computer Hardware Careers

Computer Hardware Career Field Background The computer industry has dramatically changed since the early 1800s when Charles Babbage conceived the basic parts of the modern computer. The Babbage model, known as the analytical engine, was composed of gears and levers and was the size of a desk calculator. Early computers, using vacuum tubes to store […]

Computer Science Career Field

Computer Careers

Computer Science Career Field Background Computer science careers can be divided into three broad categories, by operation and industry sector: hardware, software, and the Internet. Hardware refers to the physical equipment of a computer, such as motherboards, memory chips, and microprocessors. Software includes the programs that tell the hardware exactly what to do and how […]

Computer Software Career Field

Software Careers

Software Careers Background The software industry comprises many facets: personal computer (PC) applications; operating systems for both stand-alone and networked systems; management tools for networks; enterprise software that enables efficient management of large corporations’ production, sales, and information systems; software applications and operating systems for mainframe computers; and customized software for specific industry management. Packaged […]

Construction Career Field

Construction Careers

Construction Careers Background Construction is an industry field that includes the erection, maintenance, and repair of buildings and other immobile structures, and the building of roads and service facilities that become integral parts of structures and are essential to their use. Construction includes structural additions and alterations but excludes the building of mobile structures such […]

Cosmetology Career Field

Cosmetology Careers

Cosmetology Careers Background From a new summer hairdo to a milk and honey facial, from a leg waxing to an eyebrow plucking, cosmetologists provide a wide range of beauty and health services. Back when a shave and a haircut were two bits, men spent their lunch hours relaxing in hydraulic barber chairs for hot, aromatic […]

Dance Career Field

Dance Careers

Dance Careers Background Dance is one of the oldest of the arts. Anthropologists believe the first formal dances were probably symbolic dances performed by early tribal societies as part of ritual ceremonies held to ask spirits or gods for success in hunting or in battle. Some anthropologists think that dancing and music originally came from […]