Career Fields

Career FieldsThe “Career Fields” section provides overviews of 93 career fields. The first section of each article, “Background,” covers general information and historical background. The historical information enables the reader to understand how that industry or field has developed over time. Although historical notes on each job are included in the career information articles, the career field histories paint a broader picture of development. Also included in the “Background” section are statistics on current employment, production, and a brief discussion on the current status of the industry or field.

In order for readers to understand how a particular job or career fits into a field or industry, they should have some understanding of that industry or field. The next section, “Structure,” provides an overview of how that industry or field works. The section describes the industry or field from the beginning of the process through the completion of the end product—be it an actual product or a service. As it describes the process, this section discusses specific careers and their role in the process.

The next section, “Outlook,” assembles information from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the Career Guide to Industries, statistics from various associations and agencies, and other evaluative data to provide the best estimate of future performance and success of the industry or field.

Following the “Outlook” section is “For More Information,” a listing of organizations that can provide career information on training, education, internships, scholarships, and job placement.

Film Career Field

Film Careers

Film Careers Background In the Woody Allen film Annie Hall, Allen tells Diane Keaton, “A relationship is like a shark . . . if it doesn’t keep swimming, it dies.” This could also serve as a good metaphor for the film industry. For over 100 years, the film industry has avoided many deaths by moving […]

Fire Fighting Career Field

Fire Careers

Fire Fighting Careers Background Fire kills more Americans than all natural disasters combined. The United States had an average of 3,932 deaths a year from 1996 to 2005, according to the National Fire Data Center of the U.S. Fire Administration. Civilian injuries averaged 20,919 a year during this time span. (Note: These statistics do not […]

Food Processing Career Field

Food Careers

Food Processing Careers Background As a fundamental human need, food always has played a central part in our lives. Our ancestors lived or died according to their ability to grow food, to hunt for food, or to fight for food. People have always sought out new food sources, and throughout history people have identified the […]

Foreign Trade Career Field

International Trade Careers

Foreign Trade Careers Background Foreign trade is the exchange of goods and services between nations. It has been an important part of national economies for centuries, helping domestic industries grow to serve foreign customers and allowing people to enjoy goods produced outside their own country. The ingredients for two favorites in the United States, coffee […]

Government Career Field

Government Careers

Government Careers Background George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and our nation’s other founders had an amazing amount of foresight in the structuring of the United States government. Politicians’ attitudes, beliefs, and sensibilities have changed, but through it all, the structure of the U.S. government has endured. This endurance is no small feat when you […]

Grocery Career Field

Grocery Careers

Grocery Store Careers Background Family celebrations and traditions across the world have one thing in common—food. From a simple breakfast to a home-style Sunday dinner, food is a key ingredient in everyday life as well as the special days of the year. Grandma’s pumpkin pie, Aunt Edith’s banana salad, and Uncle Hubert’s holiday ham are […]

Health Care Career Field

Health Care Careers

Health Care Careers Background The origins of medicine began with prehistoric people who believed that diseases were derived from supernatural powers. To destroy the evil spirits, they performed trephining, which involved cutting a hole in the victim’s skull to release the spirit. Skulls have been found in which the trephine hole has healed, demonstrating that […]

Home Furnishing Career Field

Home Furnishings Careers

Home Furnishing Careers Background The home furnishings industry consists of three general areas: interior design, furniture, and silverware and other craftware items. While most of today’s furnishings are designed to be practical and comfortable, many also achieve a unique level of style and beauty. In general, home furnishings can be seen from four different perspectives: […]

Hospitality Career Field

Hospitality Careers

Hospitality Careers Background The hospitality industry provides accommodations, meals, and personal services for both the traveling public and permanent residents. The range of employment opportunities in this industry is vast. All positions, from bellhops to executive managers, share the same goal of serving the public. Hotels have been in existence for as long as people […]

Human Resources Career Field

Human Resources Careers

Human Resources Careers Background In the 18th century, the U.S. economy was primarily agricultural, dependent on crops such as wheat and cotton. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, however, the United States experienced an industrial revolution. With this revolution, the economy shifted largely toward production of raw materials, such as iron and steel, and […]