Career Fields

Career FieldsThe “Career Fields” section provides overviews of 93 career fields. The first section of each article, “Background,” covers general information and historical background. The historical information enables the reader to understand how that industry or field has developed over time. Although historical notes on each job are included in the career information articles, the career field histories paint a broader picture of development. Also included in the “Background” section are statistics on current employment, production, and a brief discussion on the current status of the industry or field.

In order for readers to understand how a particular job or career fits into a field or industry, they should have some understanding of that industry or field. The next section, “Structure,” provides an overview of how that industry or field works. The section describes the industry or field from the beginning of the process through the completion of the end product—be it an actual product or a service. As it describes the process, this section discusses specific careers and their role in the process.

The next section, “Outlook,” assembles information from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the Career Guide to Industries, statistics from various associations and agencies, and other evaluative data to provide the best estimate of future performance and success of the industry or field.

Following the “Outlook” section is “For More Information,” a listing of organizations that can provide career information on training, education, internships, scholarships, and job placement.

Military Career Field

Military Careers: US Army

Military Careers Background Five separate military services make up the United States Armed Forces: the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. These branches organize, train, and equip the nation’s land, sea, and air services to support the national and international policies of the government. Together, they are responsible for the safety and […]

Mining Career Field

Mining Careers 1

Mining Careers Background The mining industry locates valuable minerals in the earth and water and removes them in the most economical and efficient way. Mined materials include energy minerals, such as coal, petroleum, and uranium; nonmetallic minerals, such as limestone, salt, sandstone, and diamonds; and metallic minerals, such as iron ore, gold, and silver. Mining […]

Museums and Cultural Centers Career Field

Museums and Cultural Centers

Museum and Cultural Centers Careers Background Museums and cultural centers have many things in common. Their function is primarily to educate people about themselves and the natural and technological world, past and present. They try to authentically portray cultural diversity and search for universal elements that unite people from different backgrounds. Most museums and cultural […]

Music Career Field

Music Careers

Music Careers Background Throughout human history, there have been numerous theories about how music originated. The great naturalist Charles Darwin thought that music was related to sex. In his view, music evolved from the mating cries of birds and animals. Others have proposed that early humans developed singing as a way of imitating the sounds […]

Music and Recording Industry Career Field

Music and Recording Industry

Recording Industry Careers Background Acoustical recordings were the earliest efforts in recording live music with the intention of playback. Thomas Edison invented a machine in 1877 that recorded and played back sounds. When he spoke “Mary had a little lamb” into a device that, in reaction to the vibrations of his voice, cut fine grooves […]

Newspapers and Magazines Career Field

Newspaper and Magazine Careers

Newspapers and Magazines Careers Background The primary function of the newspaper and magazine publishing industries is to inform the public. Newspapers provide details, explanations, and interpretations of current events in all areas of society, such as politics, entertainment, and international affairs. Magazines usually serve special interests or populations. Editorial and production costs of both newspapers […]

Nuclear Power Career Field

Nuclear Power Careers

Nuclear Power Careers Background In 1942 Enrico Fermi produced the first self-sustained nuclear chain reaction with the first demonstration reactor, the Chicago Pile 1. Fermi’s work was part of the U.S. government’s research project, code-named the Manhattan Project, which resulted in the world’s first atomic bomb. Research and experimentation further refined the method by which […]

Packaging Career Field

Packaging Careers

Packaging Careers Background Packaging is the planning, creating, manufacturing, wrapping, boxing, or bottling of goods for consumer, industrial, and military markets. The packaging industry services nearly all of the industries and manufacturing establishments in the United States. Packaging is one of the largest employers; increasing sophistication of technology has created a strong demand for packaging […]

Parks and Public Lands Career Field

Parks and Public Lands Careers

Parks and Public Lands Careers Background The history of federal land in the United States can be divided into five major eras, some of which overlap one another: acquisition, from 1781, when the land claims of the original states were first ceded to the central government, until the purchase of Alaska in 1867; disposal, from […]

Petroleum Career Field

Petroleum Careers

Petroleum Careers Background In the United States about 65 percent of the petroleum consumed is used for transportation, including truck, bus, automobile, airplane, and ship fuel. Industrial uses account for about 25 percent. Household and commercial use accounts for about 7 percent, largely for heating. About 3 percent is used in the production of electrical […]