Career Information

Career InformationThe “Career Information” section containst the coverage of more than 700 careers in different fields.

The first section of each career information article, “Overview,” contains a full definition of the career and any alternate job titles that may be associated with the career. The “History” section describes the history of the particular career as it relates to the overall development of its industry or field. The next section, “The Job,” describes the primary and secondary duties of the career. The “Requirements” section discusses high school and postsecondary education and training requirements, any certification or licensing necessary, and any other personal requirements for success in the career.

“Exploring” offers suggestions on how to gain some experience in or knowledge of the particular career before making a firm educational and financial commitment. The focus is on what can be done while still in high school (or in the early years of college) to gain a better understanding of the career. The “Employers” section gives an overview of typical places of employment for the career. “Starting Out” discusses the best ways of landing that first job, be it through the college placement office, newspaper ads, or personal contact. “Advancement” describes what kind of career path to expect from the career and how to get there. The “Earnings” section lists salary ranges and describes the typical fringe benefits. The “Work Environment” section describes the typical surroundings and conditions of employment—whether indoors or outdoors, noisy or quiet, social or independent, and so on. Also discussed are typical hours worked, any seasonal fluctuations, and the stresses and strains of the career.

The “Outlook” section summarizes the job in terms of the general economy and industry projections. For the most part, Outlook information is obtained from the U.S. Department of Labor and is supplemented by information taken from professional associations. “For More Information” is the final section of each career information article and is a listing of organizations that can provide career information on training, education, internships, scholarships, and job placement.

Unisex Edition of the ACT Interest Inventory

The Unisex Edition of the ACT Interest Inventory (UNIACT) is an assessment designed to identify personally relevant career (educational and occupational) options. Results are intended to help people see the connection between the work world and the activities they like to do. UNIACT is a component of several programs and services offered by ACT, such […]

Actuary Career

Actuaries use statistical formulas and techniques to calculate the probability of events such as death, disability, sickness, unemployment, retirement, and property loss. Actuaries develop formulas to predict how much money an insurance company will pay in claims, which determines the overall cost of insuring a group, business, or individual. Increase in risk raises potential cost […]

Accountant and Auditor Career

Accountants compile, analyze, verify, and prepare financial records, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cost studies, and tax reports. Accountants may specialize in areas such as auditing, tax work, cost accounting, budgeting and control, or systems and procedures. Accountants also may specialize in a particular business or field; for example, agricultural accountants specialize in […]

Mechanical Engineer Career

Mechanical Engineer Career

Mechanical engineers plan and design tools, engines, machines, and other mechanical systems that pro­duce, transmit, or use power. They may work in design, instrumentation, testing, robotics, transportation, or bioengineering, among other areas. The broadest of all engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering extends across many interdependent specialties. Mechanical engineers may work in production operations, mainte­nance, or technical […]

Media Planner and Media Buyer Career

Media Planner Career

Media specialists are responsible for placing advertise­ments that will reach targeted customers and get the best response from the market for the least amount of money. Within the media department, media planners gather information about the sizes and types of audiences that can be reached through each of the various media and about the cost […]

Media Relations Specialist Career

Media Relations Specialist Career

Media relations specialists are experienced public relations specialists who have a broad working knowledge of televi­sion, radio, and print journalism and skills in establishing a controlled, positive image in the media for a company, person, or organization. They are also referred to as com­munications consultants. Media relations specialists serve as the liaison between the company, […]

Medical Assistant Career

Medical Assistant Career

Medical assistants help physicians in offices, hospitals, and clinics. They keep medical records, help examine and treat patients, and perform routine office duties to allow physi­cians to spend their time working directly with patients. Medical assistants are vitally important to the smooth and efficient operation of medical offices. There are approxi­mately 387,000 medical assistants employed […]

Medical Biller Career

Medical Billing Service Owner Career

Medical billers help doctors and other health care pro­fessionals get payment for services. They send bills to patients, private insurance companies, Medicare, and other insurers. Using special software, they file insurance claims electronically via an Internet connection. They keep files on patients and insurers, and use medical codes when filing claims. Most billers work from […]

Medical Ethicist Career

Medical Ethicist Career

Medical ethicists are consultants, teachers, researchers, and policy makers in the field of medical ethics, the branch of philosophy that addresses the moral issues involved in medical practice and research. Medical Ethicist Career History Medical ethics as a distinct field arose in the 1960s, although, of course, the realization that an ethical code is an […]

Medical Illustrator and Medical Photographer Career

Medical Illustrator Career

Medical illustrators and photographers use graphics, draw­ings, and photographs to make medical concepts easier to understand. Medical illustrators provide illustrations of anatomical and biological structures and processes, as well as surgical and medical techniques and proce­dures. Medical photographers take photos that commu­nicate complex medical or scientific information for use in textbooks, professional journals, and other […]