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Career InformationThe “Career Information” section contains the coverage of more than 700 careers in different fields. The first section of each career information article, “Overview,” contains a full definition of the career and any alternate job titles that may be associated with the career. The “History” section describes the history of the particular career as it relates to the overall development of its industry or field. The next section, “The Job,” describes the primary and secondary duties of the career. The “Requirements” section discusses high school and postsecondary education and training requirements, any certification or licensing necessary, and any other personal requirements for success in the career.

“Exploring” offers suggestions on how to gain some experience in or knowledge of the particular career before making a firm educational and financial commitment. The focus is on what can be done while still in high school (or in the early years of college) to gain a better understanding of the career. The “Employers” section gives an overview of typical places of employment for the career. “Starting Out” discusses the best ways of landing that first job, be it through the college placement office, newspaper ads, or personal contact. “Advancement” describes what kind of career path to expect from the career and how to get there. The “Earnings” section lists salary ranges and describes the typical fringe benefits. The “Work Environment” section describes the typical surroundings and conditions of employment—whether indoors or outdoors, noisy or quiet, social or independent, and so on. Also discussed are typical hours worked, any seasonal fluctuations, and the stresses and strains of the career.

The “Outlook” section summarizes the job in terms of the general economy and industry projections. For the most part, Outlook information is obtained from the U.S. Department of Labor and is supplemented by information taken from professional associations. “For More Information” is the final section of each career information article and is a listing of organizations that can provide career information on training, education, internships, scholarships, and job placement.

Webmaster Career

Webmaster Career

Webmasters design, implement, and maintain Internet Web sites for corporations, educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, or other institutions. Webmasters should have working knowledge of network configurations, interface, graphic design, software development, business, writing, marketing, and project management. Because the function of a webmaster encompasses so many different responsibilities, the position is often held by […]

Wedding and Party Consultant Career

Wedding Planner

From directing the bride to the best dress shops and cake decorators to pinning on the corsages the day of the wedding, wedding and party consultants, sometimes called event professionals, assist in the planning of weddings, receptions, and other large celebrations and events. By and large, most consultants deal in weddings. These consultants generally have […]

Welder and Welding Technician Career

Welding Technician

Welders operate a variety of special equipment to join metal parts together permanently, usually using heat and sometimes pressure. They work on constructing and repairing automobiles, aircraft, ships, buildings, bridges, highways, appliances, and many other metal structures and manufactured products. Welding technicians are the link between the welder and the engineer and work to improve […]

Wireless Service Technician Career

Wireless Service Technician

Wireless service technicians are responsible for maintaining a specified group of cell sites, including the radio towers, cell site equipment, and often the building and grounds for the sites. Technicians routinely visit and monitor the functioning of the on-site equipment, performing preventive testing and maintenance. They are also responsible for troubleshooting and remedying problems that […]

Wood Science and Technology Worker Career

Wood Technologist

Wood scientists and technologists experiment to find the most efficient ways of converting forest resources into useful products for consumers. Toward this end, they explore the physical, biological, and chemical properties of wood and the methods used in growing, processing, and using it. Wood science is conducted for both academic and industrial research and is […]

Writer Career


Writers express, edit, promote, and interpret ideas and facts in written form for books, magazines, trade journals, newspapers, technical studies and reports, company newsletters, radio and television broadcasts, and advertisements. Writers develop fiction and nonfiction ideas for plays, novels, poems, and other related works; report, analyze, and interpret facts, events, and personalities; review art, music, film, […]

Yoga and Pilates Instructor Career

Pilates Instructor Career

Yoga and Pilates instructors lead specialized exercise, stretching, and meditation classes for people of all ages. They demonstrate techniques in front of the class and then watch members perform the movements, making suggestions and form adjustments as needed. Classes range from introductory to intermediate to advanced, and they may be aimed at specific groups, such […]

Zoo and Aquarium Curator and Director Careers

Aquarium Curator Career

Zoos are wild kingdoms, and aquariums are underwater worlds. The word zoo comes from the Greek for living being and is a shortened term for zoological garden or zoological park. Although this may imply that zoos are created just for beauty and recreation, the main functions of modern zoos are education, conservation, and the study […]

Zookeeper Career

Zookeeper Career

Zookeepers provide the day-to-day care for animals in zoological parks. They prepare the diets, clean and maintain the exhibits and holding areas, and monitor the behavior of animals that range from the exotic and endangered to the more common and domesticated. Zookeepers interact with visitors and conduct formal and informal educational presentations, they sometimes assist […]

Zoologist Career

Zoologist Career

Zoologists are biologists who study animals. They often select a particular type of animal to study, and they may study an entire animal, one part or aspect of an animal, or a whole animal society or ecosystem. There are many areas of specialization from which a zoologist can choose, such as origins, genetics, characteristics, classifications, […]