Computer Science Careers

Computer Science CareersComputer science careers can be divided into three broad categories, by operation and industry sector: hardware, software, and the Internet. Hardware refers to the physical equipment of a computer, such as motherboards, memory chips, and microprocessors. Software includes the programs that tell the hardware exactly what to do and how to do it. The Internet is composed of numerous global networks that are connected to each other.

Careers in Computer Science:

Many different types of companies hire computer professionals. Computer manufacturers and software companies hire the whole range of professionals. Many of these employers are clustered in certain geographical areas, like northern California, Seattle, and parts of the East Coast. Living in an area with many potential employers increases the likelihood of being hired (or rehired) by an employer relatively quickly.

Computer companies range from huge market leaders to small start-ups. In addition, there are thousands of small- to medium-sized companies that create specialized products, such as software to be used specifically to run corporate human resource departments.

Large corporations are major employers of computer professionals as well. Many maintain information systems (IS) or information technology (IT) departments, which hire people for the many different positions previously described. The number of in-house information systems departments has grown with the increased usage of computers in the workplace. Almost all companies, including banks, insurance companies, consumer products firms, and government agencies, have IS or IT departments.

Computer Science CareersOther employers of computer professionals are consulting firms, such as Deloitte and Ernst & Young. They hire college graduates with majors in computer science to help them integrate the latest technology into their clients’ business. Most of these jobs are headquartered in large cities and require a lot of travel.

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