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Computer and Office Machine Service Technicians Career

Computer and Office Machine Service TechniciansComputer and office machine service technicians install, calibrate, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair equipment such as computers and their peripherals, office equipment, and specialized electronic equipment used in many factories, hospitals, airplanes, and numerous other businesses. Computer and office machine service technicians, including those who work on automated teller machines, hold approximately 168,000 jobs in the United States.

Computer and Office Machine Service Technicians Job Description

Computer Science CareersL-3 Communications manufactures computer systems for a diverse group of clients such as Shell Oil, United Airlines, and the Chicago Board of Trade. Besides computer systems, they also offer services such as equipment maintenance contracts and customer training. Joey Arca, a service technician for L-3 Communications, loves the challenge and diversity of his job. He and other members of the staff are responsible for the installation of computer mainframes and systems, as well as training employees on the equipment. A large part of their work is the maintenance, diagnosis, and repair of computer equipment. Since the clients are located throughout the United States, Arca must often travel to different cities in his assigned district. He also presents company products and services to potential clients and bids for maintenance contracts.

“I don’t always have to be at the office, which gives me a lot of freedom,” says Arca. “Sometimes I call in from my home and get my scheduled appointments for the day.” The freedom of not being deskbound does have its downfalls. “One of the most difficult parts of the job is not knowing when a computer will fail. I carry a pager 24/7, and if I get called, I’m bound to a two-hour response time.”

Many times work is scheduled before or after regular working hours or on the weekend, because it’s important to have the least amount of workday disruption. Arca is successful in his job because he keeps on top of technology that is constantly changing with continuing education classes and training seminars. He is also well versed in both hardware and software, especially system software.

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